Do you see clients who are xyz?

I do not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, weight, age, ability, or orientation. Discreet, respectful, and punctual? Come my way!

Is it possible to extend our date when we're together?

If my schedule allows, absolutely! If you feel this may be of interest then please have the additional consideration on your person.

Can we meet even if I'm not interested in BDSM?

Absolutely! While I have an obvious passion for all things fetish, I value great conversation, genuine connection, and hedonistic fun above all. That being said, I'm a well-regarded guide for the novice and simply adore easing newbies into their first fetish foray.

What's your preferred method of payment?

I only accept cash at the moment.

Do you have any tours planned?

I have no upcoming tour plans, but I do travel quite frequently. Take a peek at my Twitter to follow my adventures. Perhaps I'll be sauntering through your hometown soon. Can't bear to wait that long? You can always Fly Me To You!

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